At Legacy Trails Rentals, we believe that ALL people should know the luxury of affordable living. We believe that EVERY ONE of our tenants should have the comfort that comes with knowing they’re in a secure environment and that the health and well-being of their families are being looked after. We believe that ALL tenants are entitled to a life backed by a superior management team, one that is always looking out for their best interests and nothing else.

At Legacy Trails Rentals, we’re incredibly proud to be that property management team. We’ve got decades of combined experience in the industry that we know and love so well. With quality properties spread across areas like Ephrata, Moses Lake, Quincy and more, we’re quite confident in our ability to bring you every last thing you’ve always wanted – and then some.

Mission Statement

Legacy Trails Rentals is dedicated to providing our community and surrounding areas with affordable living, in a secure setting, and backed by a superior management team.